Tuesday, September 2, 2014


      This week was horrible! Sarah went off gallivanting in Nebraska having all kinds of fun while I was left all alone in complete desolation with all three of my monstrous children...OK maybe I am slightly exaggerating.  Yes Sarah really did travel to Nebraska for some training and yes she did leave me alone with the boys but they were great.  We actually had a pretty darn good time.  Monday night after Sarah drove off the boys spent the evening playing with the neighbors and also played some soccer with Hugo our neighbor.  They really had a blast with him.  Tuesday Weston had his first soccer practice of the season and really seemed to enjoy that as well.  Tanner, Ridge and I hung out at the play structure during this time Ridge discovered a wealth of rocks to hand select then hand to dad....for an hour.
     On Wednesday Ridge and I decided to ride our bikes to pick-up Tanner from school.  It went great except I got a flat tire on the trailer about half way on the way to school.  With a bike strapped to the back of that little trailer and a flat tire it sure is hard to pull.  We made it OK though Tanner rode through it like a rock star.  In fact he only stopped one time for a drink of water and that is because I asked him if he wanted to.  Sarah got home from Nebraska that evening Saving me from the children and them from me.  LOVE YOU MOM!
     Thursday was our typical Thursday go go go with Sarah having shoots and Weston having soccer practice.  Tanner and Ridge both seems to enjoy soccer practice there is a park right by the fields and lots of friends to play with.

Just hangin' out

    Saturday we Sarah had more shoots but we still made the most of the day with a trip to the pool as well as church Saturday night.  Unfortunately I forgot my phone so no fun pool pics.   Sunday was pretty down day with a movie to complete the day.  Sarah had mentioned it so we decided to treat the boys to the 1990's hit film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles....It was worse than I remember but we still had a good time.  Ridge entertained us bit too with his knee jerk reaction to flashes.  Every time my phone would light up his would give me a big smile.
What a ham

Monday Sarah and I thought it would be nice to go out to breakfast with the boys since we had no other pending plans that day.  We had actually decided this on Sunday and I had prepared by calling our favorite little Cafe in downtown Erie to make sure they were open, the conversation went like this "hello are you open tomorrow, Labor day?" response "yes we are open Monday from 7-3PM"  to which I responded "Great! so you are open on Labor day."  "yes sir we are".  Now I could be wrong but I thought that highly intelligent well planned conversation covered one fact fairly well....THE CAFE IS OPEN LABOR DAY!  Back to Monday we all get up, load up, and ride our bikes to the Cafe downtown.  Guess what, they are not open on Labor day, which brought us to plan B ride home and go to another diner that was open.  We still really enjoyed the bike ride and I must say the kids did really good.  They were getting a little crabby at the end, but it was about a 4 mile bike ride with only one or two very short stops.  I call it a success!
Tanner crusin'

Weston crusin'

Sarah and Tanner


Selfie while driving

Final break before reaching the house

I am sorry for the image quality but when taking family photos while riding a bicycle, it is difficult to hold the camera steady.  Monday panned out nicely with another trip to the pool which will be our last for the season as the pool will be closed as of September 2nd.  As well as some play time with the neighbors then S'mores in the backyard for desert.

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