Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

We are getting ready to head out of town for Christmas. So I just wanted to wish every one a Merry Christmas. I hope you are able to enjoy the holiday with family and friends.

"Warmest greeting of the season and every good wish for the coming year."


Sarah, Mark, Weston, and baby boy Heinle

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Weston!!

It was about this time (12:00am) 3 years ago that I was admitted into the hospital after walking around the hospital for 2 hours. We knew our little boy was ready to come into the world and he did at 1:12pm December 21st. He was our early Christmas present and we were so excited to have him. I can't believe how much a little one can change your world. It's a whole different feeling of "love".

Today Weston is a happy little boy. He loves Legos, Star Wars, cars, games, swinging on the swing, dressing up in costumes, and watching movies. I love his giggles and seeing things through his eyes. He gets joy out of the simplest of things and I love that. I look forward to our time ahead and hope it doesn't go too fast.
Happy Birthday Weston!! I love you with all my heart. Love mom

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Tractor

Here are a couple of photos of Weston riding his new little john deer tractor around the house. Thank you grandma Fran and grandpa Ray. Make sure you take a peek at what's in the trailer.


My baby is turning 3 years old. Here are a couple photos from the party.

Weston as "Shrek" starting off the party in the swamp (our kiddy pool full of balloons).

Blowing out his birthday candles.

Excited, after a couple seconds of trying to blow the candles out he finally got it.

Cousin Kadian eatting her cupcake.

A few of our guests: Danielle and Kevaleen aka "Princess Fiona"

Last Saturday we celebrated Weston's 3rd birthday. We had a Shrek party and the kids had lots of fun in our "swamp" of balloons, castle made of cardboard, and with the bubbles outside. Thank you to everyone who came and for your gifts and donations to the AZ humane Society.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Baby boy flexing his arm.



We found out on Friday that we are having another boy. We are excited for the new addition to our family and looking forward to Weston having a baby brother to play with. The baby is 11 ounces so far. They checked to make sure certain organs were in the correct place and took measurements of his head and stomach. He is doing great and so I'm I. We do not have any names picked out yet but I'm sure we'll be brainstorming.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Santa...

We went and saw Santa Claus tonight. Weston did a lot better than I thought he would do. Earlier today we cut out pictures of toys he's been asking for and glued them onto a "Dear Santa.." letter. So he showed Santa what he would like for Christmas tonight. I thought he did great and I was proud of him for talking to Santa and not being afraid.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Freestone Park

We had a great time last week playing at Freestone Park with (cousins) Reece, Merritt, and Kadian. It was a beatiful day and the kids enjoyed feeding the ducks and running around.

Happy Halloween

Look at all that candy!!

Weston as "Peter Pan"
This was Weston's first year Trick or Treating. He had a great time and loved getting all that candy. Thank you Danielle and Mike for have the pot luck driveway party. We had a great time and hope we can do it again next year.


Weston and Tigger

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse

"The Happiest Place on Earth"
We had a great time in Disneyland back in October. Sorry it took so long to post photos.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Huntington Beach

We had a great time playing on the beach. It was a nice warm day and the water wasn't too cold. Weston loved running from the waves. He fell in a few times but got right up and ran back in. I loved watching all the children play in the sand and water. The dads helped the kids build a sand castle. It was a beautiful day!! I miss being near the ocean.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Darth Vader and R2-D2

Weston and Kadian in mini Lego Land.

Riding in a lego helicopter with daddy.

Weston driving his first car.

Weston and Mark in the first car of the roller coaster.

We just returned home from a trip to southern California. So over the next few days I will be posting photos of our trip. The first day we arrived we went to Lego Land. Weston really enjoyed it and I wish we had a little more time there. Weston enjoyed his first roller coaster ride and the mini Lego Land (cities built out of Legos). Please check back in the next couple of days to see photos from Huntington Beach, Sea World, California Adventure, and Disneyland.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Merritt and Auntie Christina


Kadian and Auntie Christina

Weston and Auntie Christina

Yesterday our family went to Canyon Lake to celebrate our September and October birthdays. Happy Birthday Danielle, Mike, and Fran. Thank you Christina and John for organizing the celebration.

I am also celebrating a birthday soon and I recieved a DSLR camera from my husband and mother and father in law. Thank you so much!! I've been having fun playing with it the last two days. I can't wait to improve my photography technique.

I'd like to also wish a Happy Birthday to my mom (Bonnie), twin brother (Quentin), Katie, and Kimarie. I love you guys and wished you lived closer so we could all celebrate.

Friday, September 26, 2008


So for those of you don't know, we'd like to share a little news. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and due on May 8th, 2009. We are looking forward to the new addition to our family. Here is our first ultrasound picture. Not much to see but the "peanut" has a strong heartbeat and things look good. I will keep you posted as my tummy gets larger.

Take care,

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Weston and I recently returned home from 10 days in California. We stayed in Mountain Ranch with my mom. Weston really enjoyed seeing all the animals on the ranch right now. Through out the day we would see cows, wild pigs, lots of turkeys, and a mama deer and her two babies. One night on our way home from a walk Weston found a turkey feather. My mom had stuck one in her hat so he decided he wanted his turkey feather in his hat. With a toy gun in the back of his shirt and a turkey feather in his hat he looked like he was ready to go out hunting. Weston loves to dress up and everyday is something new.