Monday, September 8, 2014

Soccer, soccer, soccer....Bleh!

Not a whole heck of a lot to report this week.  On Monday evening Sarah and I made the executive decision that Weston had outgrown his bike...again.  So we scoured Craigslist and found a couple of options that might suit Weston and low and behold he choose a Trek 220 mountain bike.  After finding the bike was still available we decided we could go and look at it on Tuesday after soccer practice.  Which by the way now that the games have started it seems like soccer occupies every other day...Oh wait IT DOES!  and Tanner has not even started yet.
Enjoy it while you got it kid.

So big going down the slide alone.

So after Soccer on Tuesday we ventured out to Louisville to check out the Mountain bike and Weston loved it.  Since Sarah had a shoot that ran over I had all three boys in the Prius so we had no room for the bike so Weston got to ride his bike around the sellers house while we waited for Sarah.  After a couple of minutes she showed up and we could hardly get Weston off of the bike to go home.  Eventually we did and the whole way home Weston just stared off into space rather than play his DS or tablet like he would normally do.  Obviously he had bike on the brain.

The rest of the week was fairly mild I don't really even remember what the heck we did on Wednesday and Thursday other than soccer practice.  Which yes I have more soccer practice pics.  on Friday we all got in the car after I got home from work and drove to the jewelry store where I bought Sarah's new ring from.  The one I bought did not quit sit right stacked with her engagement ring and band so she wanted to see if there was something better.  The whole point of the ring (aside from me expressing my undying love) was so she could remove her engagement ring while doing newborn shoots but still have a ring on.  Otherwise, no one would know she is married when she hits the bars and clubs every night.  She did select a different ring which honestly does look much better with her existing jewelry than the one I chose.
Saturday MORE SOCCER!  Weston played his first game, and while I joke about it I really do get into watching him play the games.  His team did really well and won the match.  It is neat to see how they have progressed from the last soccer season.  Now they actually pass the ball to each other and sometimes work as a team.  Who would have thought we can pass the ball!
Weston not in action

Weston in action

and more action.

After our Soccer match we were off to the AOD plant company picnic in Loveland. We got there shortly after it started, it was pretty quiet so we took the boys over to the play area where lots of bumps and bruising ensued.  Eventually the boys got some water guns and hula hoops and had a great time playing around.  Thank you to AOD for putting on fun events like this.
Post injury

Back to fun

Water guns

Hula Hoopage

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