Monday, September 29, 2014


I love these titles of deception! mwahahaha!  Well it was a somewhat busy week in the CO Heinle5 house this week in additional to our normal soccer routine.  On Tuesday the pub down town called Miners Tavern had their Red Hawk Elementary night.  What bars and schools have in common I am still trying to figure out, but the food was good and the kids had fun so who am I to complain.

On Wednesday we had were eating our dinner and discovered Ridge likes corn...what does Ridge like more than corn you ask?  He like corn on the cob; that boy was cracking us all up eating the corn straight off of a cob bigger than he is.  After thr corny experience we went for a walk to the gas station to buy some cookies....Oh yeah gas station cookies!

Friday was our big night of the week as I got off work went straight home helped Sarah load up all of the kids into the van and off we went to glorious Keenesburg Colorado.  You might be wondering what could drive our family so mad that we would go to Keenesburg, I will enlighten you.  The Wild Animal Sanctuary was the big draw for us.  The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a huge place that acquires animals from circus', private animal collections, zoos, and all sorts of other places.  They had tigers, bears, lions, ostriches, wolves, camels, leopards.  Though it was a little pricey for admission it was super cool.  They built a huge walk way right over all of the animals so you get a pretty good view of most of them.  The boys really seemed to enjoy themselves, but Ridge was another story.  He has entered his terrible two's a bit early so everything in public seems like a fight.  We were tempted to leave him there with all of the animals....seems he would fit right in.

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