Monday, August 25, 2014

Victorious Failure

I know it is only Monday but I think this is where I am going to attempt to land the blog.  Sundays is a good ending to one week and the start of the next so I will do my best to post Sunday or Monday nights.  If you read my previous post you know that I JUST posted so not a whole lot has happened since my last post...just the weekend.
       We started our Saturday morning out bright and early by packing the whole troop into the van for a small hike on the Annie White trail.  We choose the trail because it looked like a very nice trail and kids apparently like it.  As we neared our destination Sarah said "I hope the trail is not closed due to the flooding last year" to which I responded "it has been a whole year it will be fine".  Not so much, the trail was closed, so we turned the van around and started a quick brain storm on where we could go with the boys.  After mulling it over we opted to go to the Eben G. Fine Park in Boulder, not that either of us knew that was what it was called. Once we got there we stuck Ridge in the hiking pack and went for a short hike/walk up the creek to throw some rocks in the water.  The boys had a lot of fun just hanging out throwing rocks and probably could have stayed there all day.  We even got the pleasure of watching 4 people float their way down the creek in inner tubes which the boys really want to try.  Maybe you will read about it in a future post.  After that we hung out at the creek for a bit we let the boys play at the park and then went home for lunch.  Nothing too crazy but a fun little trip to the creek.
Throwin some rocks
         Later that day Sarah and I did a quick work out which I followed up by going for a run.  The plan was to do my run then swing by Napa Auto right behind our house and pick up an oil filter for the Prius.  When I left the house it was nice and sunny with a storm rolling in.  I figured I would catch a few drops by the end but nothing more than a good soaking.  Boy was I wrong!  I got through about 3/4 the run when the sprinkles started.  By the time I reached Napa Auto I was running for my life to decrease the amount of stinging rain/hail pounding me on the right side of my face and body.  Good times!
        That storm rolled through relatively quickly and later that evening we went for a short family walk, then let the boys play in the front yard with the neighbors.  I wish I had taken pictures but I did not.  One kid was on his scooter while the other two would run with a rope tied to the neck of the scooter towing the rider as fast as the runner could run.  They would switch places so each kid had a chance at riding and running.  It was good to see all of the kids playing so well and using their imaginations to come up with unsafe yet fun things to do.  Amazingly no one was hurt and they were all pooped by bed time. Unfortunately I do not have a ton of photos to share this round but I will try to do better next time.  Thanks for reading!

Pre fall in the water

Post fall in the water Ridge did not care either way.

Sarah took this can ya tell (sun flare)

Failed selfies

A little Sunday morning football?

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