Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snow Balls

Daddy showed Weston how to make snow balls and then Weston had to try one out on grandma Fran (Mark's parents are here for the holiday). He got her right in the bum. Lots of fun.

Merry Christmas Eve

We hope you are all having a great Christmas Eve. We miss you all and send many hugs!!!! (We are now going to make some cookies for Santa Claus.)


This morning we went out and played on the sled. We just went to the end of the court and found a little hill to try out. Weston loved it!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is a picture of our backyard and the range behind our house. (I saw people snow shoeing today back there.)

It's been snowing all day and is due to snow for the next two days. So we will definitely have a "White Christmas". I am so happy Mark is off work for four days. We are hoping to get Weston outside tomorrow on a saucer sled (we gave him a little one for his birthday).

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tanner Man

(I'm sorry if these are blurry, I'm on Mark's laptop updating the blog tonight and I can see the quality of the photos much better on my Mac.)

Tanner turned 7 months old on Decmeber 4th. He has three teeth and I think the top two are next. He is always chewying on something. He is a very happy kid. It's amazes me how content and smiley he is (always). He has started rolling all around the house and I'm sure crawling is soon to come. We have finally started baby food but he is taking it slowly. About two months ago we discovered he couldn't handle rice cereal (which is suggested to start first) or anything with rice. He still can't stomach it, so we are avoiding rice all together. We have moved to oatmeal and some of the first foods. He seems too be handling them much better. He is always watching Weston and Weston enjoys the constent audience. I love how they interact. Before I know it my baby is going to be a year old and we are trying to enjoy evey moment of it. It seems to be going by too  fast.


Weston will be four years old on Monday.

Christmas boys

I took a couple of photos of the boys the night we decorated the Christmas tree. Weston would love to do that every day. He is always looking for more to add to the tree. I love when kids get old enough to really enjoy Christmas. This year has been fun and I can't wait for the big day.

Gingerbread Houses

Here are some photos from the night we decorated gingerbread houses. Weston had so much he wants to do it again.


We happen to see Santa one night at the mall and Weston's special request for this year is the "Batman Cave" by imagnext. That is all he is asking for. He even asked for that for his birthday which is in two days. He doesn't have many requests this year but I know as he gets older the list will get longer.

It's Been a While

I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long. We are in Colorado and settling in. Mark is also enjoying his new job. So far we are loving it. The boys are doing great and adjusting just fine (so are the animals). We have been checking out local parks in the neighborhood a couple of times a week. There are a ton within a mile radius. Our neighborhood  is connected to other neighborhoods by miles and miles of a paved path. Weston has been enjoying riding his bike around. I love that when we go for walks we aren't on a major roads and can just hear sounds of the neighborhood. When we first got here there was a snow storm so Weston got to play in the snow and we had a minor snowball fight (he used a shovel...cheater). Now most of the snow has melted and we  are enjoying mild winter weather (in the 40's).