Sunday, November 2, 2014


Once again it has been a bit since my last post, my deepest apologies...get used to it.  Blogs might start rolling out a tad slower than usual as I am about to get back into college to complete my Bachelors degree which should take about ten months to complete if I can maintain the pace of the schedule....we shall see.

It is Halloween again, well it was, and as always it was a fun holiday.  We start out at the local pumpkin patch to select the perfect, OK not so perfect pumpkin.  This year after much debate we decided to take the boys to a nearby pumpkin patch were we could let them run through a hail bail maze, a corn maze, and pay waaaaaay too much for the same darn pumpkins they sell at Wally World for a fraction of the price.  It is a little nursery that went out of business long ago and now is owned by the City of Boulder that gets leases out to another farm that opens it up on holidays to see pumpkins, trees, and a few other seasonal items.  It was great because we did not have to pay to get in unlike most other pumpkin patches nearby, but they still have a fair amount of fun activities.  The boys really liked both of the mazes; even Ridge walked the corn maze for the most part.
Brotherly love

Ridge will pose every once and a while


Sarah shooting Ridge, but I liked Weston in the background

What is Tanner doing?

All three boys pooping out pumpkins well I am not sure what Ridge is doing with his...

It is really hard to fit 5 people into 1 selfie (I need a longer arm)


The Patch

Next up was fall fest at Weston and Tanners school.  It is just a small fund raiser put on by the PTA with games for the kids, and bake sell, face painting, and a pie toss.  We usually just stick to the games but someday I am sure we will venture off to throws pies at the principle or buy some goodies as long as we get there early enough; the good stuff goes fast.  This year we brought along our friends kids as they were just closing on their new home and wanted to try and get things set up a bit so they could be moved in enough to start sleeping there.  Unfortunately, Ridge was not cooperating this year so Sarah took the babies home while I hung with the big kids.

Just decorating for Halloween

So serious before fall fest

Dillon as Yoda 

Tanner before fall fest (yeah he looks happy here)

The next day we spent a small amount of time with our friends helping them move.  We did not get to stay very long due to other commitments, but I was very proud of Tanner and Weston as they tried to be as helpful as possible in moving boxes to their respective locations in the house.
Working hard or hardly working

Later the boys embarked on some artsy fartsy adventures that Sarah provided for them.  While she was not home to conduct the creativity I took the wheels and did the best I could to help them create there Halloween ornaments.  After the creativity fest was over we went out front for some good old fall fun by raking the leaves into a pile then playing in it.  Good times.

Look what we found

Halloween Ornaments?

Tanner's face


These pumpkins grew in our yard AWESOME!

Tanner working hard

Or not

Halloween night was fun but as usually our kids get tired after about a block then call it quits.  I do not get them at all.  When I was a kid mom and dad had to drag me back to the house, my kids check out after a street.  Kids today have no ambition.


Ninja (or as Tanner says it "Minja!)

Skeleton (he glows in the dark!)

The odd group of hero's