Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Baby

I think I'm having "tiny" baby with drawls today (if you call 8 pounds tiny). I realized today my little guy turns a year old in less than two weeks. I love this photo because it reminds me of how so much is already gone... his little diapers....his long dark hair....the fuzz on his back & arms.... and that he fit into this basket. Tanner is turning into a toddler already and how I wish sometimes we could go back for just a spilt second and hold onto our babies. Don't get me wrong I love watching them grow but there are parts I miss as well.  Hugs from mama, big guy. I love you!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


So one morning I was washing up after breakfast and I look across the room and this is what I saw...

Tanner was using his walker for the first time....go Tanner!!!!!

Early Birthday Present

Today we picked up an early birthday present for Tanner. It was also a surprise for Weston. We decided to buy the boys a used swing set. It's so hard to decided on a birthday present for a year old who needs nothing. We figured this was something they would both enjoy for a long time. We also enjoy being outside and Weston has always loved the swings. We found a great one on Craigslist for $50. Weston was super excited and enjoyed playing on it this evening.  We also got to hang up Tanner's toddler swing for the first time (thank you Kevin and Kym), I'm so happy we have it. We have to figure out a way to attach the slide and make a ladder but Mark's handy and will figure something out. We also need to move it over a bit and anchor it down.

It's not TV week in the Heinle household and I think this was a pretty exciting thing to add to the first evening.

Friday, April 16, 2010

At The Playground

I'm going through some of my photo files trying to delete photos I don't need to save and I just thought I'd post a couple of photos I took at the playground in March. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heinle 4 Family

On Easter Sunday Tanner turned 11 months old. So I had to take a couple shots. The family photo was taken in the backyard using a tripod. The "brothers" picture is not my favorite but I love that's how Weston holds his brother (I did not tell him to do that), I love that Tanner grabbed Weston's arm, and I love how Tanner's toes are curled up. Tanner is still super smiley and just happy. He has many facial expressions and is becoming very vocal and loud. 

Easter at the Stambacks

Some new friends of ours (The Stamback Family) were kind enough to invite us over for an Easter egg hunt and lunch on Easter Sunday. Weston and Alex are the same age and have lots of fun playing together. We really enjoyed the visit and time spent with them on Easter since neither of us have family close by. 

Thank You Debbie, Mike, Abby, and Alex for having us over. 

Easter ~ April 4th, 2010

(I'm a little late on posting pictures of Easter but here they are.)

Tanner woke up first that morning and discovered the Easter baskets the Easter Bunny had left along with discovering the first Easter egg of the morning. Yes, it was hard boiled and no damage was done. Tanner received an Easter book, a sprinker, stacking cups, and a couple of baby treats (puffs and yogurt bites).

Then Weston woke up. He noticed the hiding eggs right away and went on his hunt for eggs. After his bucket was full he decided to check out his Easter basket. He was very excited about the Star Wars Lego set that was left for him. He also received a Devotional book (he calls it his "God book"), a Veggietales Easter Carol DVD, and Easter treats. 


We hope you all had a Happy Easter. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Golden, CO

We are trying to explore the state of Colorado and so at least once a month we take the time to visit one new town. Today we had plans to go to Estes Park, CO but after seeing the forecast for rain we decided to head south west to Golden, Colorado. Weston loved the rides at Heritage Square Amusement Park. We enjoyed walking down to the river that runs thru downtown and some ice cream. We plan on spending some more time over there as the weather gets warmer.  We look forward to going back and trying the Alpine Slide (you can kind of see it in this picture). We also saw a lot of hiking and biking trails. Golden is a neat little town with lots to explore. 

Kitchen Help

Tanner has been helping me in the kitchen lately. He especially loves getting into the cabinets and organizing. 

(Sorry I changed a setting on my camera and I viewed these on my computer I did not like them but I needed to post one.)

Colorado Sunset

Friday, April 2, 2010


We just returned home from visiting family in Arizona. We met Madelyn Rose DeBolt for the first time. She is beautiful. Here is a photo of Weston and Tanner's cousins (DeBolt & Heinle side).

Weston's Workbook

Weston spends time working in his workbook everyday. He really enjoys it and sometimes will sit for an hour doing page after page. He usually asks me if he can do some pages. I'm very proud of him. He recognizes his letters, knows most of the letters sounds, recognizes his number 1-10, knows his shapes, colors, and can write his first name (without seeing it). He is also doing well with his math skills and sorting/matching. So now we are starting to work on writing his last name, sounding out words, and phonics. He has come a long way in the last couple of months. I hope to have him a bit further in the next couple months since he starts preschool in the fall. I love when we are in the car and I hear him spelling the names of stores we are passing. I know it is sticking and that is a great feeling.  Keep up the good work sweetie.

Tubby Time x2

The boys take baths together now and they sure love "tubby time". There is always splashing and smiles.