Monday, September 7, 2009

Flashback 2 Weston vs. Tanner

Weston at 4 months (photo taken by Sarah Goodman)
Tanner at 4 months (once again I need to edit the skin tones)

Cute stuff!!

Flashback 1 Weston vs. Tanner

Tanner at 4 months
Weston at 4 months. Photo taken by Sarah Goodman.

I had fun taking a couple of photos today. I wanted some similar to the ones Sarah Goodman took of Weston. I want to hang some baby photos of the boys in the house. So this was one I took. (Thanks Megan for letting me borrow the blanket.)


Tanner's new favorite thing to hang out is the exersaucer. He loves batting at things and is starting to focus and concentrate on getting items. Pretty soon he'll be chewing and drooling on everything attached to the exersaucer. I can't wait.

Tanner - 4 months

He is not a pacifer kid. He loves sucking on hands but he is not selective yet on what. He usually has his whole fist in his mouth.
Tanner turned 4 months on September 4th. I can't believe how time flies. He is a wonderful baby. He is so happy and easy going. We have a doctor's appointment later this week so we will have an update on his growth. He has started to roll over but still has a hard time getting all the way over. He does great on his tummy and holds his head high. He sleeps through the night (which he has done since 4 weeks), amazing!! I love all the talking (baby babble, cooing) that he does and his big smiles. I love you baby boy!!

My Grandma

My mom took this photo real quick the day they left home for CA. I'm so happy my mom and grandma came out for a visit. It meant so much for me to show my grandma my beautiful home and for her to see her great-grandkids.

My grandparents have meant the world to me and have had a huge impact in my life. Grandma, I thank you for all the wonderful summers we spent at your house on the ranch. We (Q and I) have so many great memories and you (and Grandpa) taught us so many so things I hope to pass on to my boys. I love you with all my heart!!!

We try to make the trip to CA as often as we can. Unfortunately with Mark's new job there is not much vacation time and I wish they were not an 11 hour trip away.

We will see them again very soon.