Monday, September 22, 2014

Fun with FIRE!!!

OK not as exciting as the title sounds but still fun non-the-less.  Sarah and I had been discussing our fire pit for a while and contemplating building one with pavers so we decided it was time to pull the trigger.  Monday when I got home from work we all piled into the van and drove to Lowe's to purchase 30 pavers for our fire pit.  Weighing in at about 10 lbs each I am pretty sure we were making the van slightly unhappy loading about 300 lbs of bricks into the back...Oh well we got home so I guess that is what really matters.  Of course, the fact that the sun was setting and light was limited did not stop us NOOOOOOO!  I grabbed the wheel barrow and started moving bricks while Sarah began construction on our fire pit.  Fortunately, the kids entertained themselves on the trampoline while we built the fire pit.

No the photos above were not taken on Monday when we built the fire pit.  The top one was taken Tuesday night while Sarah was having a pot luck with her photography friends.  I built the fire got it blazing real good; then went in and let all of the gals know they could go outside and chat it up next to the fire pit.  I guess sitting in the warm stuffy house was more appealing because that is where everyone stayed.  Since no one was outside I went out and sat by the fire with music on my cell phone and played some Tetris (Oh yeah good old Tetris).  After a few minutes of enjoying the silence I got the kids and we toasted up some smore's while the hens clucked away in the stuffy hen house.

The lower picture was taken on Sunday evening after the Broncos lost to the Seahawks.  Yes we voluntarily watch football from time to time in our house.  Mom and Dad actually called during the game and in the conversations with each of them they asked "what are you guys doing?" and when I answered watching the football game they each asked "Do you have company?"  Obviously sports do not occur often in our house.  Anyway, after the game we decided to do smores again and enjoy our new fire pit.  The weather was perfect for it.

Another task we took on this week was some painting we had been promising to Weston ever since we painted Tanner's bedroom.  When we painted Tanner's room we drew a huge Bronco (yes like the football team, and no we don't have company) on his wall and Weston wanted something similar.  So we finally got out the projector and drew up this little number.

As you can see we are not finished yet, but it is coming along.  I will post some pics when it is finished; which will hopefully be next week.

Well that is all I have this week.  To be honest it is more than I thought I would have since I hardly pulled out my phone and could hardly remember what we did.  Oh did I mention the boys had soccer practice?  Well they had soccer practice and matches and that pretty much kills most of our time.  They both played really well;  Weston typically plays defense or goalie(yes I know the goalie technically is defense, and no we do not have company) but this week he spend a quarter playing mid.  He was really trying to hustle and even took a shot at the goal; while his shot was a little wide and he missed I was still happy to see him try.  He did, however, do great as a goalie blocking 3 or 4 goals...Good job Weston! (Yes Weston's team did win, and no we don't have company).

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Christina said...

I love your humor so much (no, you don't have company). Where did you get the metal flying saucer for the pit pan?