Monday, April 25, 2011

Hiking in AZ

We did a little hiking while we were in AZ with family. 

Weston, I'm very proud of you for completing the whole hike on your own (with only minor whining going up the mountian). 


At the beginning of April we surprised Weston with a trip to Lowes for there building workshops. It was the first time Weston had attended and he LOVED it. He is looking forward to the next project. 

Photos taken by: Mark

March trip to AZ {Part 1}

I have to start this post off by apologizing for the poor photo quality you are about to see. I have a few camera issues. :( Oh well.

 Cousin Kadian

 Cousin Merritt

 Cousin Reece

The Heinle Cousins!! Weston loves every minute spent with them. 
The cousins jumped and jumped while we were there and spent most of the time outside.

Tanner loved the trampoline so much. (This is why we decided to get one for his upcoming b-day.)

Some things we did in AZ:
A wonderful park in Scottsdale, AZ. 

All a boy needs: Puddles

 Tanner fell asleep on the train. :)

One of my favorite zoos to go to. There is a lot of the kids to do.

The petting zoo:

 Tanner got a kick out of the goats.

 Weston was done with the smell.

Visiting with extended family:
sweet Maddy
 I love this picture because you cannot see Kym but just seeing Maddy holding her momma's hand you know how much she adores her. Kym adores her daughter too. I wish I got a photo of how Maddy snuggles into her mom when she is holding her. It's the cutest thing. 

Part two coming soon...