Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weston's 4 year old well check

(Thanks Kristen for letting us borrow the bike, I may want to again. It was freezing outside when we took him out last weekend and now it's snowing again so we won't get another chance for a while. )

Height: 40 1/2 inches (He's turning into a bean pole.)
Weight: 37.25 pounds
Vision: 20/20
Hearing: Passed
Scored above average on his "Ages & Stages Questionnaires".

Things he loves: family (especially cousins and grandparents), video games with dad, playing Legos, doing school work, riding bikes/scooters, playing with other kids. Just recently he has really enjoyed swim lessons!! He really loves and cares about "baby Tanner".

He is eating much better these days and is willing to try new foods. He still loves sweets though. Some of his favorite foods are: sausage bread (with spicy sausage), monkey bread, Costco pizza, cantaloupe, apples, carrots, quesdillas, and grill cheese sandwiches.  

We also have an update regarding his recent speech evaluation. I was concerned about his articulation of words. Speech has always been a little tough for Weston. So we took him down to Child Find and he evaluated by a speech/language pathologist and a occupational therapist. After spending some time with him they determined he falls on the low side of average and believe that with a little extra work at home he will catch up by age 5. After sitting and listening to the evaluations take place I even heard a difference (improvement). I sometimes think Weston just talks to fast and I think some words have become a habit. He did very well with all the other things they reviewed and said he is very ready (and maybe a little above) for kindergarten. Which for me was a compliment since we only do things at home. I'm not the most confident person and second guess everything I do. I was very proud of him. They even commented on how polite and well mannered he was (a proud mommy moment). I can't believe he's 4 years old already, before I know he's going to be 18.

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Megan said...

Wow he is getting tall! I'm glad he is doing well :)