Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cracker Bandit

Since Tanner is moving around a lot more I have been busy making the house some what baby proof. We don't put locks on things, we just make sure things that he can get into are safe. So anyways I cleaned the house yesterday and felt pretty good about it. I was making dinner and Weston was doing some preschool work. Well he made a quick dash to the bathroom. Tanner was playing in the living room, or so I thought. It was really quite so I decided to take a look and this is what I found....

.....Weston must have put his bag of crackers (whole wheat Ritz) on the couch on the way to the bathroom. When I found Tanner I just laughed and was happy they were Ritz. It was his first time having those and he sure enjoyed them. I let him continue having his fun...little cracker bandit. Brisby was the clean up crew. It just goes to show you how different it is when there is more than one kiddo. 

He also ate a laptop key last weekend. Once again the house was clean but a laptop was left out on the arm of the couch and he picked off a key and ate it. We did not know this. Mark told me Saturday afternoon he was missing a key and we knew it had only been gone a couple of hours. Well it showed up in the next diaper change. :) We are very thankful nothing else happened. So needless to say no laptops are allowed on couches or within reach for that matter. 

Oh, Mr. Tanner is going to keep me on my toes. (He makes me smile even when he gets caught.)

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Megan said...

How funny! Lily was a little hoover. She never did eat anything that she couldn't digest though... although I'm not sure how. She did have a love for crayons. We had different color diapers (and training pants) untill she was almost three! ...yes she ate them for a really long time.