Friday, February 5, 2010

9 months

My littlest baby baby is already 9 months old. We have a well check up next week so I will give updates then on his size on everything. He is still a happy baby. These days he is teething like mad so something is always in his month and his favorite teether is his thumb. We love him to pieces!! (I took these real quick a couple of minutes ago, I love the light that was reflecting off the cabinets.)


*Jess* said...

Hi! Visiting from Kamee's discussion board on FB! I love your blog and your photography style!

Christina said...

You did a really great job and I love the heart rug.Can you email the files of these? I want to print them.

Mommy said...

He looks so much like you :) Adorable photos! Love the heart rug too!