Friday, August 22, 2014

Resurrecting the blog

Well, since Sarah has been so busy with her photography and what not the torch of maintaining the family blog has been passed onto me.  Sooooo what has been going on with the Colorado Heinle 5 since....,HOLY POOP ON A STICK, October of 2012?!?! Let's see, some kid showed up on March 12th and I am still waiting for him to leave.  Sarah says I have another 17 years to wait, oh well.  We named him Ridge James and so far he has actually been lots of fun.  He is now 17 months and getting funnier everyday with all of goofy things he does.  My favorite is Yoga with Sarah I think he has perfected Downward Dog.  
Weston has had two birthdays so he is now eight.  He enjoys playing soccer, swimming, riding his bike, and skateboarding.  The skate boarding is a work in progress.  He has just entered the third grade and, ironically enough, was very excited about it.  I suppose, like all good things, that will eventually come to an end.  As always he continually is a great big brother to Tanner and Ridge.  Thus far he really likes his new teacher and is beginning to learn how to play Chess, perhaps he will teach me when he has mastered it.

Tanner...yes Tanner is now a big 5 year old Kindergartner.  He is attending Red Hawk Elementary with Weston and goes half day five days a week.  He is soooooo excited to ride the bus everyday.  When Sarah asked him what his favorite part of school was his response was "riding the bus".  Sadly school is already wearing him down, on Friday he asked Sarah if he had to go to school EVERY day.  Tanner loves though and is a very quick learner. Tanner also had a big triumph in learning to ride his bike with no training wheels on.  I will admit the first time I took him out to practice I got so frustrated I thought he was a lost cause.  The second time we went out to practice he literally rode by himself with no help from me at all.  I was very proud of him.

    As a whole we have been having a great year.  We spent Thanksgiving of 2013 with our wonderful friends the Henderson's in Memphis Tennessee which was a great trip.  We road tripped it as always and the kids all did really well. Then we spend Christmas of 2013 in Durango, Colorado and enjoyed some family time and riding the Polar Express. In March I was fortunate enough to take the express ride off of a ladder at work and fell about 20 feet or so (I still have not measured the actual distance).  I was going to attach a picture of my knee after the fall but then figured some may not appreciate it.
    Sadly Sarah's uncle Kelly began his fight against cancer in 2013 and fought long and hard and,unfortunately, lost the fight in July of 2014.  Kelly is and will always be remembered as a great man.  He was Captain for the Santa Clara County fire department and was a man filled with passion and love for his family and friends.  He is a man I look up to and aspire to be more like and will miss greatly.  My biggest regret is that my three boys will not be able to spend time with him at the ranch in California.
    Sarah continues to run her own photography business and is doing very well with it.  Somehow she is able to manage her business, clients, kids, and me all while keeping sane.  She has recently began her own quest to lose some of the weight from her pregnancy, and once again I find myself so proud of her.  She has reached the goals she set for herself and has become very dedicated to keeping us all healthy.
    Sarah and I recently celebrated our 11 year anniversary in Keystone Colorado with our three boys and our very good friends Corrie and Leigh.  I took the opportunity to try and right my botched proposal over 11 years ago.  Whether or not round two went any better than round one only Sarah can say but at least this time there were some tears and laughs.  Sarah did yes so that is a plus.
With all of that I am going to wrap up this post and I will hopefully continue the blog on a regular basis.  While you will most likely not get the high quality photos Sarah provided you will at least get the opportunity to laugh at my bad grammar and spelling errors.  From the Colorado Heinle Five (yes we stole the name from Mike and Danielle and added the Colorado) PEACE!


*Jess* said...

What a great update! I love keeping up with Sarah on FB but missed the blogging :)

Christina said...

You did a great job with the pictures and an update on everyone.

Corrie Kraft Photography said...

Love it Mark! Keep it up! :)

Mark Heinle said...

Thanks for the nice comments...I will try to keep it up!