Monday, June 7, 2010

50mm 1.8 lens

So I love my 50mm fixed lens and highly recommend that you get one if you own a DSLR camera. I have a 1.8 and I'm starting to wish I bought the 1.4. Sometimes I get rockin' images and other times I wish they were sharper (granted I know this could be user error) since I shoot in primarily manual mode. This week I'm playing around with my camera to attempt to get the images sharper. I'm also starting to explore Aperture Priority Mode as well since I will be 2nd shooting my first wedding at the end of June. That may be a better mode to shoot with for a fast paced wedding. I'm feeling fairly comfortable in with my camera on manual so I'm wanting to learn more. So I've borrowed some more books from the library and have started exploring other buttons on my camera. I'm also starting to understand Photoshop more though I still want awesome images straight out of the camera. Who wants to edit all their scrapbooking photos? I don't. I want awesome family pics SOOC. I think it's fun to just add a little flair sometimes and play around. I'm not for creating a great photo in Photoshop. I like great photos right from the start.

Two upcoming challenges. 1.) Night light (no flash) 2.) Sunflare 
I'm hoping to play around this week. I'll post what I get later. :)

Here's my goofy son. He is used to having a camera in his face all the time. Yesterday Mark showed him how he can touch his nose with his tongue. So this is Weston's attempt. :)

(I felt this image came out pretty sharp. I just wish Tanner boys would sometimes.)

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Christina said...

I wish I could be as talented as you at photography. Your pictures are awesome