Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Helper

So yesterday Weston asked me if he could hold baby Tanner. Since Tanner is a little to heavy for Weston to hold we decided to do a feeding on the couch. Weston is cute with Tanner. He loves making him smile. Whenever Tanner starts crying Weston is there talking to him, giving him a bottle, finding him a toy, or sticking a pacifier in his mouth. I like how he comes and tells me "Mom, Tanner is crying.", like I don't hear him. :)  I'm proud of my three year old for welcoming his little brother into our family with his whole heart. He has not shown any signs of jealousy, angry, or meanness towards Tanner. He's my great little helper.

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Megan said...

He's a great kid. I'm glad he is so good to help you. I do envy Tanner taking a bottle for Weston. Sydney and Lily help me with Claire A LOT. But feeding is the one thing I still have to stop what I'm doing and sit down. (It can be kind of a bother)