Monday, July 13, 2009

I had Mark take some photos of the boys and I yesterday before we went to Home Depot. I'm always behind the camera and I never have any photos of myself. He did a great job. I set the camera up with the settings I wanted and he took some great angels. I sure love my boys (all of them). Thanks hubby!! 

These are once again unedited, I'm just not good with that yet (and I like they way they are). Some day I hope to take a class on editing. 

Oh, a side note. Today Weston tried to feed Tanner a bite of his chocolate pudding. He said, "Baby Tanner likes chocolate pudding." Sure enough Tanner had a little tiny bit of pudding on his nose and lip. Too cute, but no pudding for Tanner yet. 

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Christina said...

Great pictures. I like the fact that the boy are wearing orange...all ready for their Home Depot outing. They may be the next spokespeople for Home Depot if they look so adorable in their orange shirts.