Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Tanner today (7 weeks) in his gDiaper.

So Tanner is my gDiaper baby. He has been wearing them for about a week now (since he is big enough) for their mediums (still a little big but no leaks so far). I've been doing a lot of research into cloth diapering and I decided to go with gDiapers because it's a cross between cloth and disposable. Today they launched their gCloth which is a cloth insert that goes into their cover and liner and they also have a (earth friendly) disposable insert. I want to do my tiny part in making our planet a heathly place to live especially for our children, grandchildren, and generations to come.

I'm apart of their gmum program and if you are interested in checking out gDiapers or giving them as a gift to a friend or loved one I have a promotion code to get $30 off their everyday's six pack. To use the coupon code, add one or more everyday g's six-pack(s) to your gDiapers.com cart, enter your code and click the "redeem" button. The price will automatically drop from $70 (regular price) to $40. What a sweet deal! (This deal is only good until July 31,2009.) If you have any questions please e-mail me or give me a call.

The coupon code is: g734Heinle

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Christina said...

Poor Tanner....those look like great blackmail pictures when he's older. I can hear Mark now...see son, here's a picture of your butt on the internet for all to see. :)