Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Busy Month

Swimming with cousins. It's about the only way to stay cool in this AZ heat.

Tanner had his first baby sitters. Kevin and Kym were Weston's first baby sitters also. They watched Weston when he was 10 days old and Tanner when he was 10 days old. Thanks Kevin and Kym, you are great friends (aka "auntie" and "uncle").

Weston fell asleep taking off his shoes (on top of our shoes) after a day of playing with cousins.

Weston feeding Tanner. He is such a great helper!! Tanner has a great big brother.

I know I'm way behind, I'm sorry about that. We are doing great. We are enjoying summer, our new baby, and having some time off. Here are some things that happened this last month.

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