Sunday, February 15, 2009

My little boy (soon to be big brother)

(I didn't focus quite right on this one, more things I need to practice on.)

I love this one because it shows he's chipped tooth that some day will fall out.

My favorite photo.

So Weston and I were doing some house work today and I decided to let him have some fun and have a little photo shoot. I'm still playing with my camera a lot on manual mode and I wanted to get some more practice. Fortunately I have a pretty good little model. :)


Taya said...

I love the pics!!!! You are quuite the photographer...
Hope everything is going good! :)

Debbie said...

Sarah, How talented you are! You definetley have the EYE! Keep it up girl! I am so excited to hear about your upcoming new addition, do you know if it's a girl or boy yet? you know Becky is having a girl in June? I am so excited about that too! How is Mark? Where is he working now? Hope all is well with you all, love you, Deb

Steve & Nancy said...

Your photos are gorgeous! I need a class like the one you took :) I am anxious to see photos of you though.... how is your belly looking?? Hope you had a fabulous V-Day! Hugs, Nancy

Christina said...

These are wonderful pictures. Your photography skills are increasing and your pics are wonderful.