Friday, February 20, 2009

2nd Ultra Sound

These are the ultra sound pictures that were taken today. If you click on them I believe you can see them larger. If not, I will re-post them individually. The first picture is of a foot, the second picture is of his fingers, and the third picture is his face. The baby weighs 3.2 lbs and is doing great.

Weston was in the room today for this ultra sound and he had me laughing so hard. When he saw the heart beating on the screen he said "oh look it's a fishy". He also said the face was an elephant and at one point he said he saw a turtle. You would think I have a zoo in my tummy. He also thought it was very entertaining when they put the gooey gel on my tummy prior to the ultra sound.

As of today I'm 28 weeks and heading into my seventh month. I promise I will post pictures of me soon. I've been terrible about photos this pregnancy, I'm hoping Mark will take a couple photos of me this weekend. Then eventually I need some of the three of us. Before you know it our new addition to the family will be here.

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Taya said...

Sounds good Sarah! Glad you are well and we do think of you guys often! Keep us posted... and have a great week!