Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting Ready for Summer

Since we moved into this house in the winter we were not able to play in the back yard too much. There is no backyard, it is just dirt. SInce the weather is warming up we having been spending a couple hours out there each day and we are all anxious for our back yard to be complete. Last Friday Mark and I set up the trampoline, it is Tanner's birthday present. They have also been enjoying the sand table (all toddlers should have one of these) and playing baseball. Today as I type this our extended patio is being put in. Mark has begun putting in our fence posts and once that is done we will dig a giant hole for the trampoline. Then after all of that we will begin planting, put in a garden, and add a grass area for Brisby dog. We have a small yard but I think it will be well used and we are looking forward to a lot of time spent out there and lots of good memories.

(I promise to blog about our trip to AZ in the next week or so.)

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shannongiusti16 said...

Um, our dogs are identical. I'm not even joking, down to the white markings and everything. What kind of dog is Brisby? Looking forward to our session coming up!