Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Tooth

So after five years Weston had his first dental appointment a couple of weeks ago. I knew I should have taken him sooner but I hadn't (don't judge me). We could see a tooth in the back of his mouth we knew was going to need some work. So after his first appointment we found out he needed a cap on that tooth and 4 other small cavities filled. We tried to do the work with a local anesthetic but Weston was having it. He did fine for the numbing but when it came time for the pushing and actual work he was pulling on the dentist's arm and covering his mouth. The dentist was afraid Weston he was going to be traumatized and not want to come back to have the other work done. So after seeing a pediatric dentist it was agreed upon to have Weston knocked out while they did all the work in one swoop. So after making sure things would mostly be covered by insurance and that Weston was heathly enough for the produce we scheduled the appointment.  So yesterday Weston had his dental work done and here are a couple photos I snapped. The dental produre took place at Children's North Surgery Center in Broomfield. The dentist did awesome and the nurses were great. I was very happy with how everything went.

His bad tooth is on his right in the far back. 

Ready to go. His appointment was at 12:30 and we were out of there by 3:00. They did a wonderful job.

In control of the remote. :)

Just after her woke up. First request a popcicle. He was very quiet and calm but all there. I thought we was going to be sick but he never did get sick. Shortly after this picture he said, "I want this thing off my finger. Are we going to get a milkshake and can I play at Jacob's house?" By the way he looked I never would have thought we has ready to go. Then he told the nurse he wanted to go home. She said i think you are ready to go and we were out of there. 

When he put his Batman shirt on the nurse asked him "Who is better? Batman or Spiderman?" Weston responded with "Jesus." I love it!! We wasn't talking too much but I loved that that came out of him mouth.

Happy at home with a pudding and sprinkles watching a movie. 

His pirate tooth all fixed. :)


maren said...

So glad everything went so well! And I LOVE that picture of him with the remote! :o) And of course, the "Jesus" answer. What an awesome boy you have!

Colton and Ashley said...

Nice! What was the name of your pediatric Dentist? We know several there so i'm curious. :) Glad it all went well.