Saturday, November 13, 2010


I should clarify, I posted these pictures for my mother-in-law and father-in-law to view. After view almost 30 homes we found one we really like. This is a house we are looking at purchasing with Ray and Fran (they are going to become snowbirds) and live with us in the summer.  So I posted some photos to get their opinions. I love this neighborhood!! We actually currently live right across the way. They have a splash pad park and swimming pool. We are really hoping to stay in Erie. This house is in walking distance to the library and community center. The paths also connect to the downtown area where they hold music in the park in the summers and community festivals. I love being able to ride our bikes places and that is partly why we are trying to stay near where we are now. Weston would attend the new elementary school they are currently building and eventually the local junior high and (new) high school. The backyard isn't much but with there being so much in the area we may have to sacrifice having a big yard. We are still in discussion and we will see what happens. 

 Front of House
 When you walk in the front door
 den (front room to the right)
 Downstairs (1/2 bath)
 Kitchen (I forgot to photograph the fridge area) :( sorry

TV area
Living room

Bed #3 
Bath#3 (in hallway)
Bed #2 (with it's own bathroom)
 Bed #2

(my original photo of the master was wrong and I can't tell if I have one.)

 Master Bath

 Basement (from stairs)
 Basement (standing by the waterheater)
back patio
 back fence


*Jess* said...

I'm sold on the big kitchen and unfinished basement!! Good luck!

Taya said...

LOVE this house!!! Hope you guys get what you want and it all works out! Love your photo blog too... been keeping up with you guys through blogs!!! Have a great Thanksgiving Sarah and tell Mark hi!!! :)