Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today Mark and Christina (Mark's sister) went skydiving in Longmont, CO. Christina's has had a desire to try it and Jon, her boyfriend, gave her a skydiving trip for her birthday. They were kind enough to treat Mark for his birthday. I have no desire to do it and I think it's great Mark was able to it with his sister. I don't think it's something they'll be doing again but they are both happy they did it. I really enjoyed watching them jump and seeing the excitement in Weston. 

Gearing Up 

Ready Roll

Take Off

The first sky diver and a spec of an airplane.

The View (I loved the clouds today.)

Mark and Nick (the professional skydiver)


Christina and her professional skydiver.

They made it!!
When they were done Weston said, "I want to do that". Maybe in a couple of years dad could go with him. Until then we'll try SkyVenture first. 

Tanner was more interested in watching the guys gearing up on the ground and ready for a nap. :) (This is a half smirk, not a grumpy face. He waited very patiently.)

I am happy all went well. It made me nervous but I am also happy they both did it. I'm very happy to have my husband home safe and sound. 

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