Friday, May 21, 2010

Denver Zoo

We visited the Denver Zoo today and it is a beautiful zoo. When we got stuck in traffic getting into the park I wasn't too excited about the day. It already seemed so crowded but once we got inside it wasn't so bad. We later heard that Fridays in May are bad to visit because a lot of schools visit the zoo in May as end of the year field trips. So I learned my lesson. The zoo was very easy to get around and Weston was excited that we saw a lot of animals. His favorite animal of the day were the mountain goats. We do plan on visiting again but I will admit I missed the treehouse playground and kids area that the Phoenix zoo has.

Lauren thank you for letting us get in on your membership pass. We look forward to going again. 
(Oh and I have pictures for you too. I will burn them to a disk.)

So I decided to only use my 105mm lens today and it went pretty well but I of course was bummed when a couple shots didn't turn out. I obviously didn't focus properly and unfortunately the lens doesn't focus as fast as I would like at times. It sure is a sharp lens when the user focuses correctly though. :)

A picture that I was bummed didn't turn out. :(


3in3mom said...


These are some amazing photos! I am simply amazed at your photography. To think that a year ago we were asking so many questions of SG. Glad you enjoed the zoo.

Christina said...

I want the picture of Tanner playing the bongo. That's precious.

I was wondering, what are those elephants doing?!

Sarah Heinle said...

The elephants were not trying to do anything. The one standing up was trying to push over the one laying down. I think s/he was upset the other one took their spot. It was very funny. They were just fed and hosed off and I think they were ready for a nap.