Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter ~ April 4th, 2010

(I'm a little late on posting pictures of Easter but here they are.)

Tanner woke up first that morning and discovered the Easter baskets the Easter Bunny had left along with discovering the first Easter egg of the morning. Yes, it was hard boiled and no damage was done. Tanner received an Easter book, a sprinker, stacking cups, and a couple of baby treats (puffs and yogurt bites).

Then Weston woke up. He noticed the hiding eggs right away and went on his hunt for eggs. After his bucket was full he decided to check out his Easter basket. He was very excited about the Star Wars Lego set that was left for him. He also received a Devotional book (he calls it his "God book"), a Veggietales Easter Carol DVD, and Easter treats. 


We hope you all had a Happy Easter. 

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