Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quick Update

Just wanted to let everyone know we are doing okay (we've been busy). Besides a couple of trips to the hospital to have x-rays of Weston's intestines we've been enjoying our nice weather and getting ready for a visit from Christina and our trip to AZ and Las Vegas.

For now we still don't know what they are going to decide to do about Weston but we do know he is full of gas and poop. (I can say poop on my blog, right?) So he has been doing "poop sits" two times a day for ten minutes (30 minutes after he eats) and has been successfully going (without complaints). So we are hoping the third set of x-rays come back looking better. He is feeling better, which is great news.

Tanner has discovered: walking around furniture, the kitchen, dog bowls, climbing stairs, that we have cats, phones/remotes, that he can reach up high, and Weston's toys. He is a busy boy and I just know he is going to keep me on my toes. He still smiles like crazy and makes us laugh.

So all in all we are doing great. Mark is keeping busy at work and I'm keeping busy at home (cleaning, playing with the boys, running around, getting ready for a 1st birthday, and taking photos). We LOVE our new church. We are blessed to have met some wonderful new friends and we are looking forward to spending more time with all of them.

Weston finishing up his first set of swim lessons. (March 6th)

New Friends

New Friends

Checking out new parks, this one is in Boulder. I have this goal to check out new parks as often as possible when we have nice days. So far he have explored 8 parks here. Looking forward to checking out many more and I can't wait for the community one to open down the road from us. I think it has a splash pad area for the summer.

Tanner climbing stairs. Little stinker!!


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