Monday, January 4, 2010

Tanner - 8 months

These are nothing fancy. We were just laying around on the floor and I was playing with the Batman Cave with Weston and I decided to take a couple of photos. Well I just realized my baby turns 8 months old today. He is starting to roll around and army crawl (using his arms to pull him self forward and push with his toes). If he sees something he wants, he'll figure out a way to get to it without full on crawling. I know it's in the near future. I think he is going to be my little trouble maker. He tends to play with anything we can find. He especially loves plastic, dog toys, anything that he is not suppose to have. He also has five teeth now and is finally eating baby food a little better. He is just as happy as a can be. I love both my boys to pieces.

(Maybe I'll do some nicer 8 month photos this week.)


Taya said...

I think he's looking more and more like his older brother!!!

Christina said...

he is so adorable. I miss you guys.