Thursday, January 7, 2010


So we decided to go outside for a couple of minutes (Weston wanted to walk to the park too). Brrr.... it is cold outside. It's sunny and cold. It snowed all day yesterday and should warm up in the next couple of days. Compared to some states it's not that bad but it is 10 degrees and feels like it is 0 degrees (according to the weather website). Weston liked blowing in the air and seeing his breath. You might think he's kissing Tanner but he's not, he's blowing on Tanner. Silly kid. Of course Tanner loves it.

(These were taken with my 105mm lens. I'm trying to be brave.)

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Mommy said...

LOVE the photos! I'd love a new camera this year...we'll see :) Now you are far away and can't teach me :(