Friday, August 7, 2009

Great Grandma

I'm so glad my grandma was able to come out with my mom. What a special time!! It was grandma's first trip to our house and we were so happy she was here. I'm very thankful that she is healthy and up for new things. I don't think she hesitated when my mom asked her to come along. I only wish my grandpa could have been here too. He would have loved to meet his 8th great grand baby and I know he would have loved to play with Weston!!

Grandma was a great baby feeder. Tanner loved talking to her (sometimes too much, he'd have milk dribbling down his face). He often fell asleep in her arms, that's what grandmas are great at. Grandma, we love you very much and we will see you in California next.

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Mommy said...

How nice that you got to see your grandma too! I wish mine would come visit :( They are just getting soooo old and are not travelers. I love that you captured some sweet photos!