Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tanner Robert Heinle

Look at that hair!
Weston giving Tanner the dog he made for him at Build a Bear. Weston named him "Tanner".


Weston meeting Tanner.

Tanner Robert Heinle is here. He was born on May 4th at 9:09pm. He is 9lbs and 20 1/2 inches long. I had a pretty smooth delivery and we are both doing great. We are happy to be home from the hospital. (I delivered at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center and had a great experience there and would recommend them to others in the future.) Here are a couple photos for now and I will post more soon. Weston is doing great and has been a very loving, caring, curious BIG brother. I'm blessed with a beautiful, healthy family and I thank God for that.


Steve & Nancy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is a big boy! Good job you guys! Weston looks like he is so excited to be a big brother! How cute!

Angela said...

Congrats guys he is sooooo adorable, can't wait to see more picks!!!!!

Taya said...

He is soooo cute!!! I am sure that Weston is in heaven to have his baby brother here finally! :)