Monday, December 15, 2008


My baby is turning 3 years old. Here are a couple photos from the party.

Weston as "Shrek" starting off the party in the swamp (our kiddy pool full of balloons).

Blowing out his birthday candles.

Excited, after a couple seconds of trying to blow the candles out he finally got it.

Cousin Kadian eatting her cupcake.

A few of our guests: Danielle and Kevaleen aka "Princess Fiona"

Last Saturday we celebrated Weston's 3rd birthday. We had a Shrek party and the kids had lots of fun in our "swamp" of balloons, castle made of cardboard, and with the bubbles outside. Thank you to everyone who came and for your gifts and donations to the AZ humane Society.


Megan said...

We really had a lot of fun! Thanks for having us. Aidan is so happy to have his helmet and sword. He wears them at least once a day. Much better then a tutu.

Steve & Nancy said...

Happy 3rd Birthday! Looks like he had a lot of fun!