Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Weston!!

It was about this time (12:00am) 3 years ago that I was admitted into the hospital after walking around the hospital for 2 hours. We knew our little boy was ready to come into the world and he did at 1:12pm December 21st. He was our early Christmas present and we were so excited to have him. I can't believe how much a little one can change your world. It's a whole different feeling of "love".

Today Weston is a happy little boy. He loves Legos, Star Wars, cars, games, swinging on the swing, dressing up in costumes, and watching movies. I love his giggles and seeing things through his eyes. He gets joy out of the simplest of things and I love that. I look forward to our time ahead and hope it doesn't go too fast.
Happy Birthday Weston!! I love you with all my heart. Love mom


Megan said...

Happy Birthday Weston!

karen said...

Happy Birthday Weston! What a sweet post-I love those pictures of him.