Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Alone again

Well once again Sarah was off to her mom house to visit her mother, grandma, and brother.  We are currently helping out some dear friends of ours by letting them occupy our basement while they wait for their new home to be finished.  Therefore, their son Noah is spending a good deal of time with Tanner and Weston.  It is fun to see the boys get along so well and have so much fun.  They get on each other's nerves from time to time but that is bound to happen having so much fun time.
Ridge working in Sarah's office

Fun on the playground

Is that a cigar!!!

Because Sarah was in California I worked from home both Thursday and Friday giving me a glimpse into a day in the life of Sarah...I don't know how she gets a single thing done, but she does.  Overall the days were actually very good and I was able to focus on getting some things done through out the day.  The hard part, actually, was realizing it was time to stop working as I kept going back to my little work area and getting back into the grind.

Soccer this week was good, Tanner had a great game a scored 3 goals and kept his good attitude for most of the game.  I could see him starting to lose it a little at the end as he was falling intentionally to get sympathy.  Weston's game was OK, his team lost but they played hard.  The first half Weston did a great job as goalie blocking every shot that came his way.  The second half was not as great, the opposing team only approached the goal a couple of time and one shot Weston blocked like a pro, but then dropped the ball only to watch it roll into the goal.  The next goal was a legitimate shot that any goalie would have struggled to block.  Overall, it was a great game and The Yellow Jackets played excellently.
How often do you see this many 5 year old children sit still.

While I can't give you great detail I will continue this blog with Sarah's California trip.  Sarah always enjoys spending time with her mom and Grandma up in the mountains.  There are kittens to lure out of hiding, cows to feed, hats to knit, and houses to re-arrange.  Sarah flew out to California on Thursday night and drove up to her mom's house in Mountain Ranch which is a ways off the beaten path.  When you are there...you are there.  There is limited internet, no cell phone, and limited television.  Aside from getting to visit and knit with her Grandmother Sarah helped her mom re-arrange her home in preparation for some continued renovations to her little home.  When I say little I mean little.  She just had maybe 200 feet or so added to her house and holy cow it is about twice its original size!  While she was there they also drove down to visit her brother who recently became a father of a healthy boy named Oliver.  Sarah certainly appreciated the time she got to spend with her brother Quentin and his new addition.

The luring begins


Sarah's mom wrangling kittens

Deer chowing down behind the house

Cow jealous of the deer

Great Grandma, Quentin, and Oliver

Grandma any Oliver

Great Grandma and Oliver

The whole crew

Group selfie

Sarah and her Grandma

Sarah just lounging around

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