Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Lil' Monster is Turning 2

So i know I'm behind. I will do my best to get caught up this week. We have been busy around here. We started may out with celebrating Tanner's second birthday. He is our "lil' monster". So I think it totally fit that we did a monster theme. We only invited three kiddos over for his party and I think it was perfect for him. He had lots of fun and he loves his friends very much. I'm bummed because I didn't take pictures of a couple of things but that's how it goes on birthday day.

Tanner saying "two". (He needs to work on his finger holding.)

Monster stompers

Monster Puppet Show

Grandma Fran playing puppets too.

 Goodie Monsters.

 Our lil' monsters

 Monster Coloring

 Monster Bowling

 Time for gifts. He opened two and was done. We ended up opening the rest later that evening. He loves all of his gifts. He especially loves the balls he received and carries them ever where we go. 

The big boys were excited to play also. 

 Happy Birthday Tanner!!!

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