Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tanner's ER visit

So last week we had a scary visit to the Denver Children's Hospital with Tanner. I'm very thankful there is a north campus about 5 miles from our house. Tanner started coughing earlier that day but nothing big and then around 3:00 in the afternoon I knew he was going to need a breathing treatment. He just starts to sound a certain way, we call it "woody the woodpecker". So I gave him a treatment and then he had one more before bed time around 9:00 (late bed time that night). We thought he would be good for the night. As all parents know, when kids are sick at night we worry about them no matter what it is. When Tanner has these issues I fear he is going to stop breathing, that's just me. Well at 10:00 he started crying and we knew we was going to get sick (he threw up twice). He was breathing a really hard and we could tell he was working to get air.  I knew our treatments at home weren't going to help him and if we didn't take him then we were going to be there later that night. We just knew it was bad. So Mark took him to the hospital and they admitted him fairly fast. They gave him three more treatments back to back and then a steroid treatment to open up his airways.  He's only had this one other time which was the every first time this all started last year. They also stuck tubbing up his nose to suck out the junk in him and monitored his oxygen. After all of this I guess his heart rate jumped and they became concerned. It is normal to see the heart rate increase but I guess it was pretty high. When I got there he was very shaky but I was also told that it was the medicine causing. In the end we are very glad he did not have pneumonia and was treated and released 5 hours later. They decided to keep us for a period of time while he slept to make sure he wouldn't need oxygen. They all told us if we had waited any longer he would have had to go to the main campus in Denver and most likely would have had to stay a couple extra days.  At our recent follow up appointment they decided to put him on a medicine that is a very very small dose of a steroid called a "controller'. He is to have it twice a day in the winter time since he seems to have more issues in the winter as soon as he gets a runny nose or a cough. I truly hope this is something he outgrows and I hope I can find ways to help him so he doesn't have to use the neabulizer (sp?). As a mom, I also feel this is so minor to what many other moms go through. Weston has only had one minor ER visit also and he has been a very healthy boy. I could not even imagine and my heart goes out to them. We are blessed that Tanner is a pretty healthy boy too and this could have been a lot worse. For now this is apart of his day, twice a day. 

As long as a show is on TV he does pretty good for the whole treatment. 

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