Friday, August 6, 2010

Family in CA

Weston and Uncle Q.

My grandpa's old fishing boat. Quentin did a great job of fixing it up. This was it's first test back into the water. Q ~ Grandpa would be proud. 

Tanner trying to get the baby ducks.

Baby ducks 

My beautiful mom.

Weston riding the lawn mower with Uncle Q (my twin brother).

4th of July photo.

My mom and grandma. (Aren't they beautiful?? I love this photo.)

Weston and great-grandma playing.

My boys and my 90-year old grandmother.

The boys seeing (my dad) grandpa Dave. Weston loved his motorcycle. When we left, Weston said "It was nice to meet him." It brought tears to my eyes because he has met my dad before but he doesn't remember. He only sees him once a year or so and that is sometimes really hard. 

The new house being built on the ranch. 

So in July we went for a visit to see my family in Northern California. California will always hold a special place in my heart because that's where I grew up. "The Ranch" is a place where I have many happy memories. This is where my grandpa and grandma lived. Their home was always a loving place with lots of chatting and laughter. Quentin and I spent every summer there and we have many many great memories there. I can't think of proper words to describe how we felt there but I know "Q" knows what I am talking about. 

Over the last couple of years, since grandpa passed away, a lot has changed. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. We no longer can just walk next door to my grandparents home because my grandma lives three hours away now. I miss seeing my grandpa outside doing anything from picking up walnuts to feeding cats. The big oak tree is gone (it fell over last year), things have become over grown, the pond is disappearing, and other things are gone because there is no one to maintain them. Being there makes me realize things can't stay the same and as we get older we have to let go of things. The next time we go to "the ranch" it will be a "new place" with new faces as well. 

My mom has lived in the house next door for the past 6 years and it was so fun to be right there with family. My grandparents home will be taken down soon, that will be a sad day. The owners of the property, Steve and Marge, are building a new home (which was greatly needed). I greatly appreciate that, Steve and Marge, welcome us to their home while we visit. The kids have lots of room to play and we are very comfortable in their home. I know we will continue to create many fond memories with our children there, just in a different way. 

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