Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tanner Man

(I'm sorry if these are blurry, I'm on Mark's laptop updating the blog tonight and I can see the quality of the photos much better on my Mac.)

Tanner turned 7 months old on Decmeber 4th. He has three teeth and I think the top two are next. He is always chewying on something. He is a very happy kid. It's amazes me how content and smiley he is (always). He has started rolling all around the house and I'm sure crawling is soon to come. We have finally started baby food but he is taking it slowly. About two months ago we discovered he couldn't handle rice cereal (which is suggested to start first) or anything with rice. He still can't stomach it, so we are avoiding rice all together. We have moved to oatmeal and some of the first foods. He seems too be handling them much better. He is always watching Weston and Weston enjoys the constent audience. I love how they interact. Before I know it my baby is going to be a year old and we are trying to enjoy evey moment of it. It seems to be going by too  fast.

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Mommy said...

Cute photos of the boys! They are getting so big!