Sunday, October 4, 2009

Heinle Cousins

Today was "3 For Free" where admission was free at three local museums. So we had a chance to visit the Natural History museum today and then let the kiddos enjoy a treat at the Mesa Art Museum while I took a couple of photos. They were good sports, I know they were tired after a long day with no naps.


Christina said...

I love the pictures with the 4 of them. The popsicles are great for the picture. You captured the innocence of the joy of eating a popsicle.

The other one with the 4 of them is great on the yellow dots. I would use that again for other pictures with children. Mom's will love the pictures with their kids on it.

Finally, the picture of M on the yellow dot is awesome. Again, go back to yellow dot land to take pictures of kits/families.

Great job!

Kevaleen said...

Sarah, I would LOVE a copy of the photo of all four of them on the yellow do such great work! You have a real good eye. I wish you much success in your journey as a professional photographer.