Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Potty Trained

So I have to blog about this because it's my journal, plus I'm a mom. We started potty training Weston back in July of 2008. He took to number 1 no problems and has only had one accident (and it was while he was sleeping). Number 2 on the other hand has been a huge fight. Especially with him holding it for days at a time or sitting in funny positions to hold it in. After 9 months I finally can say he is potty trained!!!!!! He has gone for 3 weeks with no #2 accidents and tonight I told him he had to go try and he did it with out crying, whining, screaming, or anything. Each day he becomes more of a "Big Boy" and I'm so proud of him!! Yay Weston!!

July 2008 (The only picture I have of Weston sitting on his potty chair.)


Steve & Nancy said...

Oh CONGRATS! That's a huge accomplishment! I bet you are glad is done and over with before baby brother arrives! Good Job Weston!

Taya said...

Can you come potty train Lauren?!?!!?!?!?!? LOL... I have been trying off and on since before Emmy was born with absolutely zero luck! Anyway, Congrats Weston!!!! :)

Angela said...

Yeah!!!!! Just before the new diapers start!!! Good luck with everythin!!